Hope Preserved Ministry

We are a biblically-based Christian ministry that helps people find freedom from issues such as:

  • • Emotional wounds and troubling behaviors
  • • Sexual, emotional, physical, and satanic ritual abuse
  • • Addictions: alcohol, drug, pornography, sexual, etc.
  • • Previously diagnosed issues such as:
    • • Dissociative identity disorder
    • • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • • Major depressive disorder
    • • Schizophrenia
    • • Borderline personality disorder
    • • Obsessive compulsive disorder
    • • Social anxiety disorder
    • • And more …

God does see you, your wounds, and your deepest inner struggles. His word shows us what happens to the heart:
Parts of us get frozen in wounds, stuck in the past, and trapped in emotions and behaviors that reoccur no matter how hard we try to stop them. There are explanations for every encumbrance, every troubling behavior, every besetting issue of the human heart, and that means there is a path to wholeness and wellness based upon God’s Word. The videos on The Path to Freedom page explain the impact of childhood emotional wounding, how that develops into brokenness in our adult lives, and how brokenness, which is a literal condition of the heart, is healed.

What is the result of this type of inner healing? It looks like this:

You realize that you are staying in an adult mindset the majority of the time. When something that used to trigger you happens, you peacefully file it in a mental place of understanding and know how to navigate the situation without falling into a pit or triggering damaging emotions and coping mechanisms. Old triggers simply aren’t there anymore, and an adult who lives in self-control and sober-mindedness remains. The mindset and the ability to remain in God’s peace gets stronger over time.

In the meantime, remember that being broken is not a mental illness. Being wounded does not mean you are defective. It is nothing more than being human. Getting triggered only means there are hurt children in there whom Jesus will help. Being wounded is not sin; it is simply being wounded.

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