Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor

“There is peace and freedom I’ve never experienced before.”

My son and daughter-in-law told my husband and I about Mark and Risa through stories of their ministry, Hope Preserved. At the time, Mark and Risa led a life group of young couples of which my son and daughter-in-law were a part. As they shared how people were being changed and healed, I was drawn toward this ministry and these two people I had never met before. I was compelled to read the whole website one afternoon, and soon after that I contacted Mark to begin the ministry process. I struggled with anger for many years growing up and into my marriage even though I would pray for the Lord to take it away. There was a heaviness in my soul.

My ministry experience was an amazing journey drawing me closer to the Lord as He went before me, stood beside me, and at times carried me through very difficult but necessary struggles, healing me every step of the way. Mark and Risa patiently and lovingly used their gifting from the Spirit as they witnessed the Lord revealing the healing of a broken soul. Amazing!!

There is peace and freedom I’ve never experienced before. I no longer experience the intense anger I had so long ago. My relationship with the Lord is forever changed as I walk a deeper, more intimate path with Him. The Lord has bound up my broken heart (soul) by His mighty grace, everlasting love, and healing power through this ministry.