“Meeting Jesus in the ministry of Hope Preserved saved my life.”
Former suicidal pornography addict.

“My head was so noisy. I had constant comments/voices that were so critical or very oppositional. I am able to go about my day and not be haunted by them. Praise God!”
Sexual abuse survivor.

“There is peace and freedom I’ve never experienced before.”
Satanic ritual abuse survivor.

“I used to drink 30 beers, a bottle of whisky, then chase it with a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I also smoked weed and used meth. I was ready to kill myself when I was referred to the ministry.”
Former addict, clean and sober now 9+ years.

“I’ve praised God countless times for answering my prayers for healing.”
Severe dissociative identity disorder.

“For me, receiving ministry has been life-changing in so many different ways that it feels almost impossible to accurately put into words. It does feel like it has saved my life.” 
Trauma survivor from Sweden.