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  • One of the most important questions about the two trees is why did God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden if it was going to create so many problems? Both trees are actually necessary to have perfect, mature fellowship with God. The two trees together represent free will. W... [read more]
  • There is a word in Scripture that describes a unique and personal way that God reaches the hearts of his children. This word does not describe a public proclamation. It is personal and intimate, more like pillow talk. It is not given to a group. It is given to the person on the other end of the ... [read more]
  • Every Christian wants to have the presence of God that produces a peaceful, orderly life for themselves and to be able to give that peace to others. Well, this is exactly how God has set things up to work. The problem is knowing how to connect to God so that this happens. The basic “recipe” for ... [read more]
  • Every person who has ever been born came from a different place in the heart of God that no one else has and no one else ever will come from. Your place was reserved just for you. This means that there are things about God that can only be known on this earth if they come through you, because only y... [read more]
  • When we see the original meaning of the Hebrew words and phrases that define ancestral iniquity, we find that it is actually an intervention initiated by God for the purpose of reconciling wayward children to himself. It is not a curse or automatic inheritance.
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